638 Alexander St
Vancouver, BC V6A

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May 2012 We have had a bedbug problem in the past but we have been pro-active, sprayed when needed and have had suite inspections for the critters. When we had an incidence of bedbugs the co-op has sprayed (and paid) for treatment. Some posted
"invasions" of the bugs are bogus. I have lived here for 7 years and experienced bedbugs once in my suite, was treated 3 years ago and have been bedbug free since. Don't believe everything posted! Kelly Alexander St. Co-op May 2012.

i have been living at the co op for months now and was never told of the bed bug epidemic. before i moved it i was told to ignore this forum and all others like it... that there is no problem.. just a couple of grumpy old compaliners.

638 alexander has a large bed bug problem and this apartment is getting sprayed now for the 2nd time in 3 weeks.

i think i may move out, and the whole building shoudl be sprayed...

yup...This place is infested with Bed Bugs.

Seems like they only want to help their friends out with the problem.

They probably get a kick back from the Pesticide Guy. That's why they don't want the problem to go away.

They're very lax in dealing with the problem. Only do 1 unit @ a time.

we have bed bugs 2 more suites were just sprayed ,why not spray the whole building at
one time.im bringing the health board in with camera.

No bed bugs here the following 6 letters are bogus.

bedbugs are taking over and eating our brains.

i have been a long term resident and over the last year bed bugs have become a real problem. As the building is a co-op the board of directors have taken no action to deal with the problem. I have complained on numerous occasion in writing, at board meeting and in person without any results. I have found out that many members are in the same boat and even the health board has been consulted. I am moving and i advise all prospective applicants to look to there own finances to deal with the bed

bug problem.

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the bed bug problem is out of hand. I have had my suite sprayed 4 times and still they will not use a professional service. It is time to move because Raid is useless.

where I work, we deal with bed bugs; the rooms are all sealed around the edges and the mattresses have heavy covers so we can treat them, steam them, kill them and then call the fumigators...now at home 111 East 27th Ave the Quebec Mansions... an X roommate left in a hurry without telling me; and left the gift of the bug. I immediately threw out everything that he left: mattress, rugs, clothes anything..I treated the room with an enzyme cleaner/bed bug first assualt chemical, treated my bedroom.

..called the landlord he treated once..a little too quickly...the bugs were still with us 3 days later. treated again...but i had removed my bed and other items as per instruction...now i am in the middle of steaming the entire suite and assuming a 3rd treatment will get done after i have removed everything to storage...Now, I have a conscience; so I am spraying everything I put in bags and then putting it in storage....Storage facilities are probably inundated with bed bugs as well...but I am keeping my antiques after I steam clean them...paranoid about going anywhere...but landlord has been quite responsive

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ii moved into this co-op and was having bed bug problems with in the first month. When i had had enough i was told that i had to 60 days notice or i would not get my damage deposit back. four months of hell

I have resided at the Alexander Street Co-op for over five years. Over the last two years we have massive out breaks in whole floors. My suite has had bed bug science December and i have been left to deal with it on my own. New members are not notified that we have this problem until after they have moved in and in several cases the new members have moved out with in six months and three spraying. Because of the gap beneath my suite door i have had to run a strip of duct across tape to prev

ent the bed bug coming in. As appealing as the co-op is i find myself now looking for a new residence. I personally feel that the lack of leadership has allowed this bed bug to balloon out of control.

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