634 E Georgia St
Vancouver, BC V6A

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WOW what a dump.

I personally went to view the rooms available for rent. The exterior of the of the building is passable. So are the common areas. Once you get in the rooms things turn really ugly.

-Rooms that appear to have not been maintained let alone renovated in over 30 years.
-Paint cracking on the walls and ceiling.
-Grime and dirt on the walls and floor.
-Sink/Counters are from the 60's our earlier and appear to have never been maintained or cleaned. Rust everywhere.
-Randoms h

oles in the walls/ceiling. Some plugged with Brillo which means mice/rats.
-Remnants of Diatomaceous Earth (white powder used to treat bed bugs) everywhere.
-That smell...

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There has been a lot of talk of bedbugs in the building lately, but I have yet to be effected by it.

I'm moving out of here in the next day or so, and it's not because of bugs, but because this is the worst building I've ever lived in.

I can't boil a pot of water without blowing a fuse.

I can't sleep through the night without someone ELSE somehow blowing my fuse and resetting my alarm clock, making me late for work.

Someone (i assume who lives close to the laundry room and is upset

by the noise of the dryer), routinely stops the dryer mid-cycle, which essentially causes you to have to re-pay to dry the same load.

The building manager often has crazed, loud screaming matches with other residents which frequently result in visits by the VPD.

The fellow upstairs from me moved out by loudly throwing all his stuff out the window, letting it land and shatter outside my ground floor window.

Long story short, the residents and management of this building are disrespectful scumbags, and I would suggest avoiding this building like the plague, rather than sending the landlords the message that this kind of building management is acceptable.

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I asked before i moved in if there were any bugs ? i was told no! but that there might be mice. The day i was moving in i was told there were bedbugs in the building ... so i delayed moving in ...

I cleaned sprayed put down powder sealed all cracks and holes, put a strip on the bottom of my door and avoided using the shared bathrooms until i could clean them properly and removed upholstered chair replacing it with a stool ...

Since then 5 people have moved from the building my understand

ing is because of the bedbugs ...

One of the tenants got them to spray and did not move ... When pest control was here i talked with him ... my understanding from the conversation is 'He considers each outbreak to be isolated and the fact we all share bathrooms has no bearing on bedbugs being passed from one room to the next'

... Surrounded ...

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several suite on the 4th floor had them over the holidays. no bugs spotted since the new year.

Bedbugs spotted on first and third floor. Management has been contacted, apparently working on getting someone in the building to spray. No confirmation yet.

Their Back...
Friday, October 23
Some spotted on 3rd floor now.
Reported to management, they are
calling someone in, hopefully soon.

As of October 2009:

Within the last 3 months, bedbugs have been reported on the 4th, 2nd & 1st floors.

Landlord eventually sprayed after some delay.

Garbage & bug ridden items regularly dumped in the alley and left for days on end.

Strong potential for bugs to re-enter the building.

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