610 Alexander St
Vancouver, BC V6A

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Lived in a single room on the 2nd flr in 2007/08. I had half-woken up one morning and saw a red bug on my cheek below my eye. I slapped at it and saw blood smeared on my fingers. I looked in the mirror and saw blood smeared on my cheek. Apparently it was a blood-engorged bedbug that a squished against my cheek. This bldg also has cockroaches.

There is only one shower in the basement for about 50-55 tenants. Some people just don't take showers -- with their room door left open it smells

like someone died in there. The tenant beside me admitted that he's a drug addict as he asked for my spare change. The tenant below me played his tv/music in the wee hours all the time.

And the owner himself is a rip-off artist. Even though I showed him my copy of the rental agreement (which I had to repeatedly ask the manager for when I moved in) that shows my rental period from the 1st to the 31st, and even though the manager, the owner's daughter, and the owner himself had written me receipts for the 1st to the 31st, when I moved out the owner suddenly tells me that they only rent from welfare day to welfare day and demanded extra money from me for welfare day (27th) to the end of the month (31st) even though I was paid up in full. A lot of quality people in this bldg along with the bedbugs and cockroaches.

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