55 Powell St
Vancouver, BC V6A

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place is one of the best low rent places in the city and has won an award check with the city hall. its very clean and bug free othis ^ person was evicted for not paying there rent for 2 months (any of are tenants will tell you). They never had a problem till after a few months of stay when they lost there job and had a hippy friend living on there floor. Then all of a sudden they got bugs. we had pest control there in 24hrs and he said there is no sign on bugs and can not legally spray with out

seeing them or the feces. He wrote it on the invoice and have it in are office. almost every major hotel in the city has had buys some major chains spray all there rooms on a weekly bases.For years we told people that called to check this registery as everyone but us is on it and prob why he wrote the fake report. we opend in 1896 and have only 1 false report. when all the new building in gastown that are 10years old and not a 100yrs have 50 to 100 plus reports (check yourself). use a little common sence and see for your self. there is a reason why we have stacks of thank you cards and UBC and SFU, vacncouver film school send us there students year after year. This dirty person thinks $550 is over priced for dt vancouver. I think that tells you every thing you need to know right there. unfortunatley with this site there is no proof required to post. I scanning a copy of the pest control report and the eviction notice and name and email of the slanderous person to the admin of this site. no responce. shame that good buildings like us get black mailed with a fake review. In the U.S its criminal but not here in Canada, when it really should be.

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Asked before I moved in if they ever had bed bug issues and Gio the guy said no. Within a week I was covered in bites! Made a complaint and all he did was give me a can of spray and said I should spray my bed every night before I went to sleep. After reading the instructions on the can it said it was highly toxic and should only be sprayed in a well ventilated area. I made a second complaint after that and he said he'd call somebody to take a look at my room. Nobody ever came. Then after my THIR

D complaint I threatened to move out and make an official complaint with the city he then had somebody come in and spray the same garbage he gave me... After I told him that was not sufficient (this was after I had called the city to see what I should do, and seeing what a joke of an effort he put in) he then heated the room which took TWO DAYS. I was not reimbursed for my costs to stay elsewhere while this was done. He also blamed me for bringing them into the building!!! I talked to several other tenants and they said bed bugs and mice were very common in this building.

STAY AWAY! Not only is his place ridiculously overpriced, it's not student housing like advertised and it's full of bugs!

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