403 E Hastings St
Vancouver, BC V6A

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We stayed at this hotel in summer, 2012. I booked this hotel, because I thought it was really good deal. I didn't know anything about bed bugs or east hating.
We didn't know they had bed bugs at the time. We don't get rash. We came home and started to get blood spots on our bed. We still didn't realized it was bed bugs. Since we are getting more and more blood spots, we looked up online, then we found out they were from bed bugs.
We always keep clean in our place, and I even know about bed bu

gs. I will ever never go to east hasting.


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Stayed at the hotel, and woke up the next morning with three bites on both my legs and arms. Having gone through the experience of having bed bugs before I knew immediately that this was the case. Immediately checked out and was lucky to find another hotel in Granville . Thank-god I knew what to do otherwise I would have had to go through that whole experience again and let me tell you it was the weirst experience I've ever gone through in my life. Tried to tell the staff and even though they we

re pleasant they did not seem to be very conserned.

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Mid August, 2011 - Was in the room for maybe 2 or 3 hours when I looked up and saw a bed bug crawling on the boyfriends shirt. Then we found another one. When you can SEE them, you KNOW its a bad case.

The staff at the hotel were very nice and apologetic, but I had a very prominent feeling that they rented the room the very next day without much of a hesitation.

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