1 E Cordova St
Vancouver, BC V6A

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I used to live on the fisrt floor and there is a huge net of cockroaches the owner spray the appartment, but the issue persist, my neighbour had the same issue so we move out ASAP since the end of Dicember

I was told that I had been having an allergic reaction. It appeared to be hives on my arms, neck, legs and hands. I really had no reason to suspect bed bugs but now my boyfriends has the hives too! And low and behold I go to change the sheets on my bed---BEDBUGS!!!! So disgusting, ive never had this problem before and now seeing that someone else in my building has it to makes me wonder how many suites are infested??!!

I took the sheets off the bed to wash them and saw little brown spots crawling away! I looked it up on the internet, and low and behold, I now have little itchy red bumps all over me. Great.

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