175 W 10th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5Y

Found 3 reports:

3 days ago, got bitten. Thought it was a spider.
Next day same thing. Caught it! Killed it.
It was a bug of some kind. This morning, same thing.
This time I noticed it was a bedbug.
Only a couple but who know how many now.
I have reported this to the landlord.
I did notice postings months ago about bedbugs on front door of lobby.

have also seen pest control on the second floor. overheard him talking to the tenant, appears as if there are bedbugs there. have seen pest control guy once more in the building since then. i don't think management's one to tell other tenants about what's going on.

Overheard two tenants talking about infestations in both their apartments -on the second floor. Have also seen furniture etc being taken out and pest control people there. Have not heard anything from landlord.

No nearby bug reports