725 Se Marine Dr
Vancouver, BC V5X

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my coworker stayed here and woke up at 5 am covered in bites. The front desk person was super unhelpful and said he could not move rooms. He ended up sleeping in his car. I called the manager and he said that he would investigate because he does want to believe false claims. He has never called me back. That was 2 weeks ago. They must know they have a problem. What a terrible place!

Stayed in room 512 at this Hotel on April 8th to 9th, and got bitten by bed bugs LOTS of TIMES!!!!!

I’m Francesco from Italy.

We stayed in Vancouver one night (08/23/2012): we (me, my wife and my son, 10 years old) stayded in the following Hotel:

725 SE Marine Dr
Vancouver, BC V5X 2T9
Ph: (604) 321-6611
Fax: (604) 327-3570 • Site 39230

We sleeped in room # 651. When we woke up early in the morning we found a lot of little red animals (Bed Bugs?) in our lines and on our pijamas, still lives. The red animals moved all over the two beds. We catched

3 of them with scotch.

We were afraid, mainly for our son, we never saw this kind of animals.

After 4 call phone to front office saying the problem , they send a housekeeper!

Manager was not present. Front office told us manager by phone said that the room will be closed and investigating.

We are still waiting an answer. The manager never answer to my emails ([email protected])

My son has a lot of bites all over the body. We need to know what animals they are! what can we do against Hotel? How can we have money for doctor, for medicines and for job days loss for staying with our son at home?

Francesco Tosini

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We stayed at Vancouver Airport Inn on 725 SE Marine Drive. We saw many bed bugs and clover mites under the sheets, on the floor etc. I went to the front desk with proof of two of the bugs that I killed. The person at the front desk offered for us to stay in the lobby to sleep! She did not want us to go to another room and spread it incase we had them in our luggage! After a few hours, we finally were able to change rooms. I did research on what type of bugs they were and it really was bed bugs a

nd clover mites!

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At 3AM I was awaken in bed by bites on my arms in Room 325 at this Quality Hotel at Marine and Fraser in Vancouver. Quick action after the 10th or so bite enabled to to catch a fleeing bedbug. On closer inspection the bedding had many black spots (of bedbug excrement?). I got dressed, packed up, and went to the front desk, where the clerk listened to me, but was unprepared to share my apprehension that one infected room usually meant that room is not the only infected room. For this reason, a

nd for the reason that I had waited till six hours after check-in to report a problem, he was prepared to only move me to the "most expensive" room in the hotel, but was unable to refund my stay. The hotel is the cheapest Quality brand hotel in Vancouver city, so I am afraid that many others will be drawn to this property for the same reason that I was: economy, not knowing that they would become dinner at 3AM, the biologically-programmed feeding time of these bugs, and then only to receive an tight-fisted-on-the-wallet response from the receptionist, a receptionist instructed to display a face as if to say that this is the first time in a long long time that he has heard of bed bugs at his hotel. Yes, do try to find another place and save yourself from some itching.

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