5808 Main St
Vancouver, BC V5W

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AUGUST 2011 i moved in to my furnished room 3 months ago
the room and rest of the place is reasonably clean. after 1 month i began to notice some bites/red marks/rash but only a few and as it is summertime i didnt give it much thought ( windows open at night, spending time at park in grass,at beach) plus i barely noticed at first... couple of random red bites

it has slowly gotten worse but i still didnt realise until i started dating a girl and when she stayed the night SHE WAS ALMOST EATEN

Im not joking and i still cant believe it

2 months i had -max- a dozen little red bites
obviously i am not as appetising as her ( so true)
ONE night both legs COVERED in bites, plus some on arms, upper back....
seriously her legs had more than 50 bites

it didnt take an expert after that ( well, she went to her doctor and right away her knew)
so a bit of info on the net
inspected the boxspring

2 large pockets of the bloodsuckers
and who knows what else

i tossed the bed out the window and phoned the building manager, young asian female
i moved out aug 15,(paid rent for all of Aug) no refund,barely a response,no sympathy, NO SORRY
and to top it off- still in dispute- but looks like i lose my deposit because the bed is on the front lawn(now since removed) and/or I caused the infestation?

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