4570 Windsor St
Vancouver, BC V5V

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As of March 31st the landlords have had the house treated with a full heat treatment. All the suites are currently under warranty as bed bug free.

The whole house has been recently treated with heat treatment technology, believed to kill all bed bugs at a 100% rate. There are no longer any bed bugs in the place. The owners were very diligent and cooperative, and did all they could to deal with the situation.

There are bed bugs everywhere, and we got bites all over our bodies. Terrible. We had to convince the landlord several times to do something about them, and after quite a lot of phone calls, they only put some kind of poison in one of the rooms. It was not until our two other neighbours also complained that they finally decided to come in and have someone spray the whole house. We wanted the effective option, but we feel that they chose to go for a cheaper, and less effective, one. We'll see in

a few weeks if the bugs are really gone.

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All three suites in the house are reporting bedbugs. I've personally been bitten many times over many nights and other tenants have as well. We're hoping the landlords will co-operate in having the house treated but so far they've been non-responsive.

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