417 E 17th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5V

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Illegal third suite, in the basement rear. "Kitchen" and approx 8x10 bedroom were constructed outside the actual house by walling in an area under an existing wood deck. Flooring consists of OSB sub-flooring in b/r. There is clearly an issue with moisture. The stench of mold was so bad I had to wash my clothes after being there.
The "Kitchen" is a small tunnel, abt 4x8. Both fridge and oven doors cannot be opened fully because they hit the wall in front of them!
Living room looked to be about

9x10. Ceiling height in entire apt was abt 5'8".
There were dead appliances in the yard, as well as what looked like rotting campers under small watercraft.The place is nasty, and this slumlord is renting it for $800/mth!

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