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i live at same place and yes it is angoing problem with bed bugs. I dont have in my suite but person below me had so they had to spry my place too. I wish this will be end of it but i just i found out that is still going on .

2 years ago 2008 I had bed bugs in my suite. The management contacted a pesticide company who treated. We placed bed bug covers on box spring and mattress. This seemed to contain them for 1 year.
Then in 2010 July I was waking up with them crawling on me again. The management then called in CARE pest control who brought in their dog and found that the Bed Bug Cover on the box spring, $182.00 investment had acquired a hole in it from were it was on the frame. I threw away the mattress and box

spring and had what is called a Gold Treatment. This all took some 3 weeks to be carried out from the time of report to the treatment. This is a seniors building and we have people 70 and 80 years old sleeping in other suits without or on infested beds while waiting for treatment.
After the treatment I waited for one week and then while sleeping on the floor. Did not have one bite during this time. So I then bought a brand new bed and of course covered the box spring and mattress with Bed Bug covers. Slept pretty well for about a week and on October 8 at 3:30 am woke with a bed bug crawling on my face. I captured in a jar and will be taking it to the main office when it opens on Oct. 8.
We have had this CARE pesticide company come in and search a suite with the dog. The dog signaled the suite was clear of Bed Bugs. The suite occupant awoke and had bugs crawling on him. The occupant then tour off the base boar to find about 200 Bed Bugs crawling around. This is after the dog had signaled the room to be clear of Bed Bugs.
Bed Bugs have been a problem at this building for approximately 6 years. I'm not able to put up with this extra pressure due to health reasons and don't know what I going to do. I may take a propane torch to the room to ensure getting rid of the bed bugs.

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