825 E 8th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5T

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oct/20, 2012
My God, the landlord was such a huge jackass that i've never seen anywhere in the world!
First of all, when i was about to pay the deposit, he said i am not going to get a contract until the day i move in, i said i wont give you deposit without any proof. he was very agitated but did it in the end, and said that i dont know the rules here and i was forcing him to do things illegal!
A week after, i needed to rent a parking spot before my move in date, so i called him and ask if i

can pay for the parking (he has a huge garage that is empty) he said call me tomorrow after 11!. so i went at 11am and called him, he said, you have to call after 3pm, so i went at 3pm and he said, i won't be back until 5pm. i was getting suspicius because i remembered that he only has a landline. but again i went at 5pm and saw his lights were on. and i called him, and he said i'm not there until 7! i was very pissed, because by then i knew for sure he was fucking with me. so i waited till someone comes out and went to his apt at 7pm sharp. he simply shouted at me like a mad dog' get out of my building!' and then he followed me down while i was just about to call the police because i was sooooo scared 'that he would cut my head off! and then he said, you've been bugging me since the beginning, if you want to park, you need to pay $500 deposit right now!!!! i said, "you never told me so when i signed the contract!" and then he said, "if you dont like it give me the contract back and i'll give you your deposit." so i give it to him and he slammed the door in my face and left me outside. when he came out he threw the money in my face and pushed me so hard that i almost lost my balance!
I've lived here in vancouver for 7 years and never met a single human being like this!
Thank God that this happened before i moved in! I wonder why nobody reported him to his boss - the real property owner or rental control! Someone should do something to get this mad dog out of the building and out of Vancouver, Canada! his behavior is inhuman!

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thanks to all ... i was just about to rent from this address..

It’s up to us how we are living. I’ve been living in this building for 10 years and I’ve never had bedbugs or cockroaches. It’s true that I keep my apartment clean with no open food and no garbage accumulated for weeks. Also I don’t have guests who are living in shelters/hotels/ hostels or on streets.
For sure the manager did not bring the bedbugs or cockroaches in the tenants’ apartments. The manager is doing his job – calling the pest control

company, he cannot do more than this.
Actually he is a great person and during those 10 years I know he evicted some crazy tenants for parting all night and sleeping in hallways.
Always I appreciated that building; I can enjoy my evenings after work being quiet and nice. The manager has been helpful when I needed it but again I did not hit his door with my feet, I put my matters in writing like a civilized person.

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March 1/2010
The landlord here is a dictator and cares less if you are being eaten by bedbugs or any kind of bug for that matter. Stay away from this building at all costs,you are better off on the street than live in this hell hole.

We moved in on Sept 30, 2009, and three days later we started to get bites. The landlord had it sprayed the day we moved in, and did not tell us that this would be a problem. Or that this is the reasong that the original tenants moved out. They have sprayed once more, but it seems to make no difference because the bugs are back at it that night. It has now been nearly two weeks and we are still being biten. I can't wait for this to be over. If we hadn't signed a lease, we would have been out of

here by now.

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cockroaches, bedbugs, low maintenance and an unprofessional, uncouth, unkempt and uncivilized landlord to match.

we just moved into a unit in this building. the first night after we moved all our stuff in, we went out to go to a concert, and upon our return we see all these cockroaches crawling on the walls around the kitchen area.
this is completely unacceptable and we are going to try to get rid of the bugs with pesticide and the sonic frequency device you can get in home depot.
i will put our concerns in writing, and if the landlord does not do anything after being notified (hes not getting back in t

ouch with us) i am going to file a dispute against him, which i have no qualms doing so as i have won a dispute out of court before due to my incessant letter writing.

meanwhile i hope no one else rents units in this building. we got in here really easily and he did no reference checks, which should have caused us reason for alarm (but were a new couple so we were kinda excited to move in).


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my first suspicion arose when i was bout to rent a n suite here. there were multiple vacancy in a single month, which is unusual for vancouver. when i inquired about the building from the tenant [whose suite i was about to rent], told me that he is relocating because his apartment has severe bedbug infestation. later he confirmed with his neighboring tenants that the whole building suffers for several degree of infestation from bedbugs and cockroaches.

the landlord is totally non-chalant abo

ut this and any other problems brought to his knowledge. he is a total arrogant prick who doesn't give a damn about the welfare of his tenants. the situation should be reported the sanitation department of the city.

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