770 E 7th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5T
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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Property Manager did follow up No Problems at this time if you have a problem contact Manager at 604-657-5322


Iam a tenant that lives in this building have been for many years it is a great place to live the person posting all this garbage should just move out if he dos not like living in this building wate till he moves in to another building and pays much much higher rent let him see what he will do then the rent here is such a deal and a great building.

There seem to be a lot of people who are "disgruntled". Why is that?

Cheap price but renters beware. I lived in this building for several years. The unit I moved into was in poor repair, repairs were not completed in a timely manner, and there are various bug and mice problems, depending on the time of year. I got a Residential Tenancy Board order to get my damage deposit back after the landlord tried to keep it, but they still haven't sent the cheque-not only irresponsible, but illegal.

I had mice in this building for two years, throughout my unit, including kitchen and bedroom. This includes dead mice in the walls, which really makes a place unlivable due to the smell. The "follow up" claimed here is a cut and paste response and is not accurate, and I eventually had to pay for pest control myself for my unit. Now that I am out, I am thinking of going to the RTO to recover costs.

Other unresolved issues with this building include extensive mold, leaking pipes (probably ca

using the mold), leaking ceilings in heavy rain, ill-fitting windows, rodents in stove exhaust pipe, silverfish, smoking in units and hallways, dirty and smelly on move-in, lack of access to hot water (I had to boil water for both bathing and cleaning dishes on more than a few occasions), and regularly broken laundry machine.

see full report...

has anyone tried the new bed bug spray at the grandview walmart yet? called blaze. please post if u try it.

All you have to do is speak to the other tenants of this building and others run by this property management to find out who's telling the truth here. You'll hear some long, vivid, horrifying stories. Ask the tenants and you'll see.

Oh by the way, the other buildings run by this property manager all have several reports here. Ask the manager about their other available units (they'll have a few) and the punch in the addresses here.

The building has mouse problem. Mice and droppings has been seen on the 1, second, and third floors, based on what tenants say. I was on the second floor and seen mice in the hallway and a kitchen.

I have been renting with this property company (same super, different building) for over a year now and I have to say that they have been very professional and quick to resolve any issues that I bring to their attention. We had a problem with some roaches in my unit and he brought in pest control until the problem was gone. After hearing all the nightmare stories of landlords in this city I count my blessings for having one that actually fixes things when they break!


The posting below is all **False** it has been posted by a **Disgruntled Employee** we use MPC or Canadian Pest Control If their are any deficiencies repairs are done within 48 hrs.

Property Management

some people moved into building from another that had a huge bed bug infestation. they brought their futon and continued to complain about bites. eventually threw out the futon, but left it within the building in the underground parking. a few weeks later, neighbour underneath started complaining about bed bugs and a month or so later, i eperienced the "breakfast, lunch and diner" bites of a bed bug. happened a couple of more times, but not sincei've moved out of building.

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