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I would like to confirm all that was written and add to what the other bedbug report's have documented, “bedbugs are being found in this building in multiple suits ( including 3rd and 2nd floors) beginning September 2012” and currently (February, 5rd 2012) due to incompetence by the building owner, bed bugs are still being found coming from the same suite originally reported.

Management has verbally downplayed the situation to tenants and told tenants not to tell neighbors. After the fir

st few months notice was given to tenants on floors effected, but info was downplayed!

Minimal effort has been made by the building owner; however, the fact is the bedbugs are still here. I now question if the bed bugs will be properly be dealt with, and what kind of response should be expected if other problems arise with the building.

Henry Schroeder (building owner) had the opportunity to get the recommended heat-treatment for the first suit which reported the bedbugs in September. Instead he choose a delayed response, and then choose a cheaper method and cheaper company, BC Bug. Heat-treatment was finally done January 28th, 2013 by BC Bug after pressure from multiple tenants. As reported above, bed bugs are still coming from the heat-treated suit. They have been caught on double sided tape put down by the tenants, not by management or BC Bug.

There are more things I would call ridiculous, that I would like go into detail about, but the simple point of this report is to give others insight into the extremely frustrating response the owner of this building has taken. Before the Bed bug issue I would have recommended this building.

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There are currently four suites on the top floor that have bed bugs. The suite where it originated has had them since September and other suites became affected in November and December. It has now moved throughout the building and they are also in a suite a floor down.

The situation could have been mostly avoided if it was taken care right away as they appeared in the first suite. They are finally paying for heat treatment that is quite expensive in that apartment as it seems to be worse the


One of the tenants on the top floor has had allergic reactions to her bed bug bites and they are all over her body. The building manager is nice, although not that concerned or prompt in dealing with these issues, and the owner of the building doesn't seem to be phased at all.

The tenants dealing with the problem are going to submit their receipts in hope of receiving money back for the things they had to purchase or get rid of in this situation.

These problems only became seriously addressed when about half of the building took serious action. The landlords never notified people in other suites, but luckily now everyone is communication with one another.

It's a shame because this building has been around for quite a long time and had never been affected before. They have been spraying other suites although it's not technically fumigation and hasn't been successful. Some of those suites have been sprayed four times and the bugs keep returning.

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Started getting bites on November 21st, thought the building was clean so I didn't say anything.

By December 3rd I had lots of bites so I called my building manager and said I had suspicious bites and asked if any other tennants had the same problem, and he told me "Oh you probably have bed bugs, I thought the problem was contained."

2 Other suites had them and had been fumigated, and they didn't tell the other 4 units on the floor that there were bedbugs. As far as I know only the top flo

or has them.

I asked to be fumigated and it was done 5 days later. It's been 5 days since they sprayed now and I haven't been bit any of those nights. Getting fumigated again in 10 days. They fumigated the whole floor yesterday. It seems to be under control now, but still thought I'd post this.

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