575 E 5th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5T

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I been leaving here for over 12 years and Ben the new manager started about 5 years ago and has been a blessing for these buildings. It is not fair for him to be getting slandered on this web page! Ben has been doing upgrades to all the apartments and does anything/everything he can do to remove bed bugs from any apartments that get them. Its not that the building is too dirty there are some tenants still living here from the previouse property manager who used to rent to anybody to fill the sui

tes.I know ben doesn't sell drugs and he doesnt have any crack heads working here. I had a small bed bug issue and Ben was so helpful in providing all the printed information I needed and had a licensed pest control company come in and I was rid of them after a follow up treatment. So if you know anything about bedbugs you would know that they can be picked up from just sitting on a transit bus, movie theater and any other public area!!! I would recommend to any of my friends to move here, it is an older building but that is no fault of the building manager.

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Oct 2012
the bed bugs in are building are so bad the amount of beds being thrown out the past 6 months is like crazy the manager Ben is to busy selling drugs to even care he says its not his problom he has crackhead workers who dig thu the garbage then sell there findings to others and spread the bugs thu the building and the guy they send to spray says they are not bed bugs they are bugs from the pigions its so funny we dont have pigions in the building so dont know how we would have them i

ts clearly bed bugs everyone is getting bit and nothing is getting done

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yea i used to live in 207 and hey i had them i know i did i kept getting bit, i posted the post before you down here and well the manager wouldnt do anythingi called city of vancouver as well and i think they called him cause he called me back later and said someone would come to inspect well he had some really bummy guy come over half assed lifted my bed didnt even use a flash light , took him maybe two min and said i am cleared i have none... didnt check the living room didnt check my couches

and other furniture nothing. i kept getting bit until i moved out telling him again he said you have been cleared. as disgusting as that place is i am not suprised they are all over the place there.. that building is falling apart its is just gross oh have you seen the ant problem omg the biggest carpenter ants i have ever seen they r eating the walls in that place and probably having sex with bed bugs and creating some super bug. Good work Ben you have an awesome building going on there, you r ao stoned you prob dont even realize you r swarming with bugs in your ass

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Since late June 2010 (this year) I've been finding random bedbugs in my apartment at this address... i'm on the 3rd floor. My manager has been good about getting the PCO in, i've been treated about 6 times.... which sounds like too many times maybe, but also in fairness, i have been traveling a lot, so have not always slept there much, after the treatments.

I did initially have to convince the manager that I did really have bedbugs, but once i told him i had them saved on clear tape, to show

the PCO, and mentioned that the City of Vancouver had told me (i had already called them) that the landlord is responsible for paying for the treatment, he got on board pretty quickly.

My downstairs neighbour was also treated for bedbugs, as he had been in my apartment recently, so when i found some at my place, i called him to let him know, and to ask him if he had by any chance seen any. Next day, he told me he's found a bunch, and we both got two treatments in the next few weeks.

His situation seems now to be resolved (???) but i keep finding random adults. I'm getting another treatment this weekend....

Wish me luck!!

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Last night I felt a bite and when i turned the light on I saw a bug crawling on my sheet. I have told the manager who says they are not responsible for paying for the treatment. I know by law they are responsible to pay for the treatment. I also saw on the registry that the building next door which is part of the same complex has been reported having bed bugs. I am very stressed out and grossed out and don't know what to do. I am waiting to move and now scared that i will bring them into my new

home. I just hope the manager there cares about the tenants and does the right thing. Do not move into these run down old dirty roach, bedbug and carpenter ant infested buildings. 575,555,525 e 5th ave vancouver bc

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