555 E 5th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5T

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First off, I want to say for the year and a bit I've been here the landlords have been great. If I had troubles they would come to my aid pretty quickly. They're friendly and lead a normal life with family kind of thing so I'm never afraid to approach them. (I would avoid my previous slumlord in the same area like the plague so this was a huuuge change.)

We had/have roaches unfortunately, and the landlord had someone come in to set up traps right away. I didn't see them often before (winter),

and less to never since the traps, but as of summer a few have popped up again. I've been told once a building has them they're pretty much there forever unless the whole building gets quarantined. It's a very old building.

Then the nightmare pests happened –bed bugs. We discovered them within a few days so they didn't get far from the bed, but they do multiply very quickly! This was back in June 2015. The landlord said he hasn't heard anything from anyone else, though some people aren't considerate enough to report it so he said he honestly can't guarantee. Fair enough. He had our suite sprayed twice right away, as per regular procedures, gave us traps for back up in case any survived, and regularly checked in with us. We didn't see any again after that.

HOWEVER, about a month later I heard things being thrown off the balcony. Long story short our newest tenants (July) had an infestation, did NOT tell the landlord, and even had the audacity to move their things and themselves into a friend's suite in the same building!! The neighbours heard the commotion, we all advised them to get treated/reported right away, and to STOP moving their stuff within the building! They had a pretty nonchalant attitude so I reported them to the landlord instead. I don't know what happened after that. Now (mid-August) I discovered a few new (adults and babies) bedbugs in our traps. I haven't found a nest, haven't found anything behind the outlets (they hide there!) so I'm guessing perhaps some of the eggs from the last time didn't die. It's been a few days and I can't seem to locate the landlords, I'm giving them the benefit of a doubt that they are away??

So I'm not reporting the landlords to be slum, but I can't speak for the building even though some suites have received renovations, and I sure as hell can't speak for the tenants because apparently some of them don't think it's a big deal to keep infestations quiet. THAT is what scares me and the main reason I'm submitting this report.

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In the past month, at least 2 different tenants have moved out due to bed bugs from this address. In one suite, there are people staying there already. They DO NOT PROPERLY CLEAN in between tenants, only put down cheap hardwood flooring and a coat of paint. There is mold on the walls in the hallways and roaches in the suites. There seems to be no worries about some tenants keeping piles of trash on their balconies and some have multiple pets in the suites causing fleas. this building is getting

to be a dump, find somewhere else to live

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I've lived in two different suites in this complex and have had one instance of bugs when the neighbors next door moved in. Just treat your apartment, don't move. It IS possible to rid yourself of them, so stay, treat your stuff, treat the apartment.. The landlord here also sprays for bedbugs (has done this for me and for another tenant) so if you have a concern, bring it up. It's their building and if they want you to stay they'll help you out. I'm still living here and have been bug free since

I began treating my apartment. I now do a proactive treatment once every 3 months with diatomaceous earth and double-sided tape around the bed.

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I moved into this building(apt.#107) 6 months ago and my boyfriend and I recieved numerous bites right away. We brought this to the attention of the building manager who said there was nothing he could do. We have since moved and had to throw all our furniture away so we didn't transfer any to our new house.

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