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Property Manager did follow up No Problems at this time if you have a problem contact Manager at 604-657-5322

In the summer from August 2012-October 2012 there was, yes, a bed bug problem. This is undeniable. As the first tenant to point out the problem, I dealt regularly with the landlord and kept constantly in touch to ensure that my home was being sprayed and taken care of.

He was very agreeable with me, kept me informed of what was going on, and performed as many treatments of my space as I asked for.

His English, yes, needs some improvement, but he always does his best. It was discovered th

at there was a filthy tenant (who lived directly under us) who I actually witness RAKING OUT THEIR LIVING ROOM INTO THEIR BACK YARD. As soon as this tenant was evicted for destroying the suite, the suite was GUTTED, as in carpets and dry wall removed.

The bed bug problem immediately disappeared after this tentant's eviction.

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Iam a tenant that lives in this building have been for many years it is a great place to live the person posting all this garbage should just move out if he dos not like living in this building wate till he moves in to another building and pays much much higher rent let him see what he will do then the rent here is such a deal and a great building he is racist

I have to agree with the other complaining tenants; the landlord doesn't care a bit and mostly don't understand basic English. Common, why is it allow to be a landlord when you can understand the countries language? - I still have crawlers and it's disgusting. The elevator breaks every 2 weeks (I need it) and the front door is often locked because someone broke their key in it. The halls smells (which could explain the crawlers desire to stay in the building).... and I saw another tenant smoking

in the basement the other day; he got in the elevator.

It's a awful place to live and IS in contact with the city to have the landlord checked. He should be jailed (in a old jail building) for putting people under those conditions.


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A good manager would not see their good tenant go away because the manager couldn't do his part. I pay rent and insure that the unit is still nice and not disturb the other tenants... you, you need to make sure that those unit are actually livable.

Would you live in the building under these condition? would you have your family in one unit?

Yes manager, this is a disgruntled (unhappy) tenant. When you don't take care of you building and the pest inside, this is what you are going to have. I pay my rent every month in time, don't create noise and don't destroy the unit. Now do your share, disgruntled manager. I have a reason to be unhappy; do you?

There is nothing wrong to be disgruntled when you are in a building where the manager pretend to care. I have not heard of any pest control in the building. This morning I was a dead ro

ach in my kitchen (my kitchen is super clean, there is no reason for any bug to crawl here).

Now the smoking issue... thanks for posting that little sign in the hall way. But the problem is in the unit. Some of you tenants are smoking in the unit. As a manager, I wouldn't allow smoking as it's damaging for the carpet, for the wall and is one leading cause for house fires... oh sorry, didn't you realized that two fire truck where rush for a alarm in the building last month... for what I'm unsure between a running bbq that was just on the side of the building (illegal) or the smoking that finally make the alarm work.

Now I still have smell smoke inside my unit.

These are facts that you would should know as a manager and should want to fix. It's basic owning a unit building is. This is not just money you are making; people live in your building and you are the link between them making sure the building doesn't burn down and making sure the building is in good condition so that crawler do not nest in it.

I'm unhappy, you can mention that... but it's doesn't fix that you are a bad building propriety owner.

Would you live in these conditions? Why should we?

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No progress on the roaches problem AND they was a broken key stuck in the front door twice this past week (two different).

The broken key situation is getting irritating. They should either buy us stronger keys or some kind of solution.

The roach are still crawling and I forgot to mention the strong requiring smoke smell in the halls that comes in my apartment. I'm not a smoker and strongly intolerant (headache and more). The smoke is not everywhere but where it smell, it's bad. It's like having a smoking industry in the building.

I love how the manager wrote a letter a year or two ago and said to people to kept their cooking smell down. The apartment building used to have a great inviting cooking smell in the hall way. Did

not bother me at all; but know that it is smoke, it is ok.

Last week, I was in the elevator and it went down instead of up. When it opened, a small asian men was beside the door and I saw is hand go hiding soon. It smell like cigaret. I notice that he was smoking inside. Oh boy. I have been in the elevator and it smell like fresh smoke, but never saw or though grown adult would do that. The men seem to be in his 40s.

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I haven't seen bed bug (luckily) but lots of roaches and they are still crawling in the building. We are keeping our own unit clean and they much have a

As to the claim to that from the building management that "any deficiencies repairs are done within 48 hrs"; it is not true.

- We know that the building manager know about the roach, told us that he would come and do a pest control in all unit and NEVER show up.

- Before that, one fire door was broken and would not close, they took m

onths to repair a simple door (a door that should be stay close even if some tenants in the building open them with paper to "air" frequently and forget to close them)

- The elevator brake down often and takes days to repair.

- When the painted this summer, they ask us to put all of our outside stuff inside and told us it would be done in a week. It took them more then a month to "finish" and they left paint in my window. Never came back to clean it.

- Key gets broken often and when it happen, tenants leaves the door open in the front.

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The posting below is all **False** it has been posted by a **Disgruntled Tenant** brought bed bugs from his trip now blames Management we use MPC or Canadian Pest Control If their are any deficiencies repairs are done with in 48 hrs.

Property Management

July 31st, 2010- apt 201

got back from a trip, got into bed, and started itching. saw a bug, woke up and there were more. My girlfriend also had a bad case of bites before we left from vacation. The building is poorly maintained, and I've seen roaches here.
Don't recommend

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