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Vancouver, BC V5T

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I went to visit a friend on the second floor of this building. & next morning woke up with bed bugs I am so pissed off. I phoned the city of Vancouver. & they sent out a inspector again. Who noes whst happened , never going back ever to even care. I think the tennants should get together & not pay rent or sue the owner

the bugs are around the couch and in the bedroom , in various stages of there cycle , smaller in livingroom , adult stage in bedroom , it took a friend to tell me i had bedbugs , i was in denial thinking i was not being biten , went i was , and i was not looking for them . i saw one or two that i diposed of not thinking there was more. this building has been in the redistry before. have covers on box spring and mattress and there are stains on them from the bed bugs. i moved the mattress and fou

nd alot of them unerneath on the box spring. i vacuumed and sprayed will be wiping everything down with bleach and water, and disposing of the wrags in plastic bags, noticed them on saturday night in the bed , sat august the 18 th . today is sunday the 19th, my birhtday , happy birthday to me! the building is 1333 east broadway, feel alittle better knowing i killed some , there is alot to do before i can have someone come in and spray, wish me luck in my bedbug massacure !

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There was a tenant who had a serious bedbug problem. He didn't have a reaction to the bites, so he didn't know for the longest time that he had them. I believe that education is the way to beat these bugs. People need to be aware of how the bugs "travel". Also, use a flashlight to check your mattress in the creases.
I live in the building. We have experienced mice running around and plugged up every entrance, but even being on the second floor, they were climbing up the side of the building an

d coming in the patio door. I think this problem came from the construction and tear down at Mt. Pleasant Community Center across the street.
But most of these complaints I have read are true. I agree that problems should be reported promptly and acted on promptly. The manager seems to be trying to do his job but perhaps it is the owners who are not agreeable to spend money. There is a daughter though who seems to be more proactive with regards to the tenants and buildings needs. The elder owners should retire.
We pay enough of are hard earned money for shelter.
August 2, 2012

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This is a horrible shanty building to live in. I told Wayne the manager back in Feb that there was a leak in the ceiling as my bathroom flooded from the ceiling and the walls caved in. He said he would fix it. It's now mid July and there is now mold and there has since been 3 more floods in the bathroom coming from the ceiling on top of that my taps wont shut off so hot water drips all night making the apt steamy, as well as the fact that Wayne is constantly outside yelling "FUCK" in the parking

area of the building.

The hallways are unkept and they too also flood when the pipe in the ceiling floods. No effort to fix any repairs I have ever brought to his attention. Doesn't surprise me there are bed bugs in here. The building is a shanty. One of my friends told me it's like it's a geographic anomaly; The building is in east Vancouver but belongs in Surrey.

DO NOT LIVE HERE. I'm moving in a week.

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I have been living in this apartment building for almost a year and 6 months ago my friend started getting bites. As no one else was getting bites, I talked to the building manager brushed it off. When an exterminator FINALLY came about a month ago he checked my furniture he said I was in the clear. THEN more people started getting bites and I caught a bed bug in sticky mouse traps. YES THIS BUILDING HAS MICE TOO! And the landlords don't do anything about it. To the point where the stairwell sti

nks like dead mice. So... I now have to get rid of all my stuff... And after talking to other tenants he has not informed anyone. This building is infested and no one knows. DON'T MOVE IN HERE!!!!!

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According to your report about exterminators spending only 2 minutes inspecting a apartment and claiming there are no bed bugs when clearly a tenant made a complaint pisses me off.

Think about the thousands of dollars and many years of hard work a tenant invests to pay for furniture on credit cards and some cash when to discover your belongings are infested with bedbugs which will follow you forever.

A tenant can spend well over several years or a couple o

f decades with long hours at work to make at comfortable home with furnishings does not deserve the disrespect and loss of investment to a 2 minute inspection from an inspector from a pesticide company. Some companies litter their website with links from existing stories on the web. They are opportunists out there to make a million on other peoples distress. ....warranties, testimonials from real people..promises if product doesn't succeed...you can always return a product at Walmart.

Have you ever bought a cheap product because you thought you were saving money? The product breaks down shortly and you end up paying double for the product you first intended to buy.

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This article explains alot for inspectors spending litte time inspecting an apartment after a complaint whereas nothing is done. http://bedbugregistry.com/blog/

The blog reads as follows:

"A perfect example of why I don't treat exterminator reports as dispositive came just a few days ago in an email exchange I had with the Regency Hotel in Omaha. A guest had reported seeing bed bugs during her stay at the hotel, and the manager of the hotel wrote me to vigorously dispute the claim. As evid

ence, she included the following scan of an exterminator's report:

On the face of it, the report looks quite authoritative. The pest control company in the letterhead has been in business for many years, and works routinely with this hotel. One of their technicians came by, inspected the room, and found it to be free of bed bugs.

But if you look more closely, you'll see the entire inspection lasted 1 minute 57 seconds. Anyone who's fought bedbugs knows this is an impossibly short time to detect anything short of an overwhelming infestation. (When I pointed this out to the Regency manager, she responded that the time recorded on the report did not reflect the actual time spent looking at the room.)"

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Surrounding apartments were never treated when there was a report for bedbugs in a suite. Only that suite was treated. Top, bottom, side-to-side should be treated including hot steam vacuum which includes ALL rooms, not only the bedroom. Many exterminators only treat the bedroom.

From my experience, I became physically, mentally and financially distressed as the episodes kept repeating. You can't feel the bugs bite while you sleep but twelve hours later I was severely scratching at numerous w

elts and swollen, painful hands which opened being exposed to infection. The bugs aren't picky about open wounds as they just want blood. What's worse is the bugs go for the face. Twelve hours later feels like the bugs are biting you at that moment so you are swapping at imaginery mosquitos. With a mosquito, you know you have been bitten pretty well immediately. Fellow coworkers and even the president at work commented as to what was wrong with me. I looked like I had a severe case of oversized measles plus chickenpox, swollen hands, swollen throat and swollen feet. Eventually I was let go of my job.

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Within 4 months of moving in we suddenly had bedbugs in our room. When we asked the manager he said that the unit beside us had reported the bed bugs 2 weeks earlier and it pisses me off that we(my girlfriend and I) were never notified of this because of course, when sprayed the bugs ran away from that apartment and moved into ours. The manager is a very nice person but he is given no money by the building owners to spray all units at once they're very cheap people. Our unit eventually got spray

ed and within 2 months, my girlfriend was sitting on our couch and suddenly jumped up to see a bedbug crawling across the couch! And trust me we did everything we could to prepare for the spraying. The next day I awoke to see a mouse crawling across the floor as well!! This is no joke. This entire apartment building is infested with creatures and if you are the type of person taking the tome to check this registry, THEN DON'T MOVE INTO THIS DISGUSTING APARTMENT BUILDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I live in the building next door to you and we just got bedbugs for the first time in our building. What pest control company did your landlord call? "Pest Free" just treated my place today so we shall see how it works...

Within 1 month of moving into this building I had my first bed bug encounter. While the building manager is prompt and helpful in bringing in and paying for the pest control services, the treatments for my suite were unsuccessful and the bed bugs returned within months.

This building clearly has a problem, and yet the building owners refuse to treat the entire building at a time, preferring to treat each unit on a case by case basis.

Repeated episodes of bed bug infestation in apartment building. Management requests tenants pay half of extermination costs for repeated infestations. Come home expecting suite to be exterminated when nothing done but a note left on door saying the pest control company had to reschedule a week later or they claim to have done only an inspection when bedbugs are evident from the welts on your body and insomnia. Pest Control company only does the minimum requirements based on the shady landlord sc

anty budget which is only the baseboards and mattress -Not the entire suite. Used furniture in main reception on a repeated basis.
Shady, shady and bad!

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