45 E 16th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5T

Found 3 reports:

This is has gotten to the point where they are coming in the front door of our apartment.

We told the manager and she has done NOTHING at all or been in any contact with us since then.

It is a nightmare. I'm this close to calling the city.'

The worst part is coming home from work and seeing couches and mattresses out beside the dumpsters covered in remnants or still living bedbugs.

Several suites are infested, as is mine. Many people are moving out - so beware new renters! There was no notification of the problem as posted here regarding February's problem - so we were just let to wait and discover the bites, and the revolting nest of bugs.

Do not rent here!

After five years without any sign of pests in the building, we found bedbugs in our apartment in early February, 2010. Apparently at least one other apartment is affected. I understand that the building next to ours as well as the one across the street have recently had bed bug problems. The apartments were inspected and are scheduled to be treated on February 25, 2010.

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