414 E 10th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5T

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April 17, 2012

I just found a bed bug last night (Mon. April 16, 2012) on our wooden table. I was throughly digusted. I check this website often and have been aware that this BUILDING is apparently full of bed bugs. I relied soley on prayer to prevent them from entering my unit (on the first floor), but alas, they have finally arrived. Again,I only found one on the table, there seems to be no trace of any on my bed or couch, I have no bites or rashes, but as you know, these bed bugs LAY EGGS

and can INFEST. In my opinion, one bed bug, is one too many. I highly reccommend you DO NOT move into this building!!!!!

PS. We've spoted small roaches in this unit as well ( about 3 in the past 7 months.) We are neat freaks and keep our residence clean, but there are other units in this building with bed bugs, roaches and mice, thus all of these pest have the ability to spread to other units.

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OMG!!!! What a bug infested place...Bed bugs, Cockroaches, mice, Is this a zoo or a home???? Lanlord is an absolute JERK!!! DO NOT MOVE IN HERE!!!! THis place needs to be reported to the city and SHUT DOWN!!!!!

family friend who is a senior and on low income, therefore cannot afford to move it. Feel so sorry for her... place is overrun with RATS and bed bugs!! The manager is absolutely terrible and shows no compassion. Have called city a number of times but they do nothing.

Sept 24th , 2011

This building is full of BED BUGS, COCKAROACHES and MICE/RATS. Lanlord is a complete idiot and doesn't do anything about anything. This building should be CONDEMD!!! Do not move in here is you know what is good for your health!!!!

Update for this location. Manager is refusing to pay for exterminators. Again, stay away from this building.

just found bed bugs. we have the bites all over us. Another slumlord building. DO NOT MOVE IN!

Lots of ......it's a zoo for bugs.

Very bad manager, didn't tell you anything and when you move out, he won't give you deposit back. So make the room as dirty as you can

I jut move in. I found a lot of bug in kitchen.

Here had tons of Bedbugs and cockroach@!!!!!!! Carefully when move in . I just moved out.

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