404 E 8th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5T

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I live at 404 east 8th Ave and there are COCK ROACHES everywhere and we have a landlord and building manager who will not do anything about this matter! It will only get worse over time... do not move here. I live here now and I'm looking to move asap!!

All bed bug reports on this building have all been taken care of by professional pest control company. The bed bug reports were all caused by the use of 2nd hand mattresses & furnitures.

this place is VILE. it's cheap for a reason - you have unwanted roommates. The apartments are really cute, lovely hardwood floors and little balconies, but not a week in the coackroaches were out in droves. they were in the bedroom, the bathroom, the kithen.... i even watched one run across the living room wall in BROAD DAYLIGHT. if they're out in the day you know they're there by the thousands.

Thankfully i didn't actually have bedbug issues, but the roaches were more than enough for me...

i only wish i'd known about this site before moving in. i woudl've stayed far, far away. you should too.

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Wish i had known about this sooner to save myself the headache/anxiety. Recently moved into suite 212; it was newly re-done and looked great. After less than a week I found cockroaches and bedbugs. The landlord was very slow in responding and seemed unconcerned about the problems. Moved out immediately as the whole situation gave me a very bad feeling (I had inquired about pests in the building before moving in and was blatently lied to - manager later acknowledged some suites have cockroache

s; still denies bedbugs). Now they keep my damage deposit... Hopefully they spend it to upgrade this slum.

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Presently myself, and my friends in another unit, are suffering bed bug infestations.

Building is filthy, run down and full of cockroaches and mice - the latest addition to the menagerie is bed bugs.

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