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so you aware..Bed Bugs are attracted to HUMAN BREATH, carbon dioxide. They are not attracted to heat or anything, at least not right away. Once bed bugs are infesting a place, you may as well through EVERYTHING in the garbage then move out. Buy brand new clothes and move into a new apt that has NOT been lived in b4..This way, you are guaranteed not to have any and if you do, it will be YOUR fault.

I live on National ave. at the corner of Main Street. I found 6 bed bugs grouped together yesterday. I have called a pest contol person who is coming today. I also went out and purchased matress covers from Wal-Marl last night and sprayed my mattress and florrs with Raid/bed bug spray. I have not seen anything since. I have vaccumed several times, washed all my clothing and bedding in hot soapy water full the max. time and dried in a hot drier for 60 minutes. There is no evidence in my dresser,

closets sofa etc, just 6 in a seem on the mattress.

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I am not to happy with having to report this due to the fact that I live in this place!!
I first noticed the Bed-Bug's about 1-2yr's ago.
The land-lord/Owner has been told about this issue,Not only by my-self,but by other people who live in this place as well.
I find that as of today,NOTHING has been attempted
to try to fix this problem!!!
I am wondering if there is anyone out there who can give some advice on this topic??
"""THE TOPIC IS....""""
I'm thinking of trying to take on t

his issue my-
self,or at the least try to take care of the one's in my apt,How ever from what I understand,If
the whole place is not done at the same time then it is kind of pointless.
Does any one have some advice on what i should do??
PLEASE try to get back to me as soon as you can.

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