3150 Ontario St
Vancouver, BC V5T

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Some suites on the ground floor have been treated yesterday by "Pest Free Industries" as the bedbugs seem to have spread now throughout the building. Looking over all posts during the last 2 1/1 years it appears IMHO that the bedbug issue is far from being under control.

Some suite(s)were sprayed last week. There seems to be no end to it. This is very upsetting.

"Pest Free Industries" have visited the building once again last week. As it appears for quite a while.

"Pest Free Industries" have visited the building again on Tuesday, March 13th. Fed up and ready to move out.

Exterminators visited the building twice during the last week. Furniture,supposedly from a suite suspected to have been infested, are being stored in the laundry room. Great way to spread the bugs.

Observed a "live" one in hallway on third floor a few days ago and in staircase today.

2 units on the 3rd floor are scheduled to be sprayed today - the exterminators are "Pest Free Industries" contacted at 604-220-6954.
Does anyone else use them or know of their success rate/effectivenes?

This Apartment is named "Sharan Manor" and is at the corner of 16th Ave and Ontario Street (V5T 2Y9).
It's managed/owned by Bayside Property Services LTD. and has an (aged) resident manager.

April 2011:
Adult bedbug spotted in my unit -the penthouse (4th floor) -
Due to owning a used couch - I disposed of it and put all linens through high heat dryers and used diatomaceous earth in cracks and home/retail available pyrethin/permethrin spray over all thresholds and baseboards.


Resident of 2nd floor inquired to me if I'd had bedbugs as he'd heard units beside him had been sprayed. No mention of bugs in his unit.

August of 2011:
Adult Bedbug spotted and collected from the bathroom floor in my unit, went to speak to resident manager and discovered another adult bug IN THE HALLWAY ABOVE THE MANAGER'S DOOR! After a discussion, i discover that one unit on that level (3rd) had been sprayed. No further action taken beyond discussion of prevention measures I was taking (see above)

October, 2011:
Asked to go into corner unit of 3rd floor to help manager and discovered a dead bedbug on the wall. Spoke again to manager and said it had been sprayed after tenant had recently moved out. Again sprayed thresholds of doorway and bathroom baseboards in my 4th floor unit.

Week 1: Bitten in living room while awake-approx 3 am.
Week 2: discovered another adult bedbug in kitchen during daylight - 5pm - Went to confront manager and was again SHOCKED to see ANOTHER BEDBUG ABOVE HER DOOR IN THE HALLWAY! Discussion included her saying that it's 'almost impossible to avoid this problem' but that they would pay for the pest control
Week 3: while prepping for exterminators, spotted another adult bug coming under from hallway door into my unit - 10pm

---gave notice to vacate the next day---

(please note that I am very aware of bedbug sign and watch very close. I do react to bites, and other than this January, have had none. I have a mattress protector -clean of sign btw- and keep all spare linens in plastic, as well as regularly dust with diatomaceous earth after vaccuuming)

Week 4: while heat treating items in dryer, ran into new tenants to the 3rd floor who both have bedbugs, and have seen them in the same hallway.
-while moving things to garbage late at night on my last few days in the apartment - I've spotted adult bugs IN THE STAIRWELL- again, on the 3rd floor. I've not taken a look at the 2nd floor as I'm already anxious enough, but I'm sure that if they travelled up to my unit, they will travel down.

Last day -January 30- met tenant of 3rd floor corner unit and he has had the exterminators in twice in less than two months, and still has signs of bugs.

It's my firm belief that the resident manager has them as well, and doesn't have the ability due to age or temperment to deal with them appropriately.

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The exterminators came this morning (January 5, 2010). The company our building manager called is "Pest Free" and I will report back to you later about the quality of their service.

I also found out that our suite was the 2nd suite to be infested in a month. The building had been pest-free for 40 years but on December 21, 2009, exterminators had to visit another suite (apparently not even near our suite) to exterminate bed bugs.

Someone "in the know" suspects that the bugs originated fro

m the suite next to ours, but this is unconfirmed.

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