2910 Quebec St
Vancouver, BC V5T

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Am I the only one with bedbugs in this building?! Anyone.... ?

It took the landlord 2 weeks to spray my suite... Unacceptable... $5,000 in new furniture ruined.

I have lived here 1 year with no problems. Not sure if I should get rid of the brand new furniture or take a chance and move and have them spread.

Oh my goodness, I had a couple "spider bites" on my shoulder and just looked under my matress, there were bed beds!!! I am so disgusted calling managment tomorrow. I put the two bugs I found in a plastic bag to prove it. I am absolutely disgusted they obviously aren't taking ANY precautions... I'm on the 3rd floor of 2910... Blah. Getting out of here asap.

No surprise, the bed bugs have spread to a second apartment on the 2nd floor.

There's a bedbug issue on the second floor of 2910 from a tenant who had an infested couch. He carried it down the hallway and in the process let some bugs loose in the hallway. We'll see how efficiently Colliers deals with this.

Every tenant in the building received a notice from our landlords today that there is a new infestation in one unit the building. I haven't seen any myself and the management seems to be very proactive about this.

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