2545 Main St
Vancouver, BC V5T

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i live on the 2nd floor of this building ('3rd' floor)
the tenant in 310 moved out durring the summer months due to bed bugs. kiddy corner to that suite 309 have them still and continue to have them.
i have not seen any in my suite but was warned after i signed the lease that they were a problem before. for the almost two years i have live there i have had one bite and seen one live bug.
however i am well aware they are lurking in the walls waiting.
the entire building needs to be fully fu

migated, which it has not been.

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I first had bedbugs in my suite 2 years ago. They originated in suite 210 and affected the suites around this one on each of the building's 3 residential floors: 209, 209a, 210, 211, 309, 309a, 310, 311, 409, 409a, 410, 411, (I live in one of these suites) but may have affected more suites as the bugs traveled through the building along pipes and wiring. The problem peaks during the warm summer months and appears to vanish during the winter, but their re-occurance in the summer months belies the

fact that they haven't been entirely exterminated. Several tennants have moved over the last couple of years due to this problem. I have almost given up and am ready to move if the next treatment, the third this year, fails to eliminate them. I am very concerned about taking them with me so if I do have to move, I will throw out all of the furniture I now possess; I have already had to throw out many pieces of furniture over the last couple of years, including couches, chairs and a bed frame.

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