2505 Fraser St
Vancouver, BC V5T

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I have lived in three of the apartments in this building. The landlord is the first problem, he does nothing about the bug problems and rents to junkies & crackheads.
I never experienced bedbugs on the side of the building with 4 units but on the other side our apartment was infested. It was sprayed many times and we cocked painted sanded floors removed light fixtures ect, the place is a money pit. It's sad cause the building has character.

Live in apartment 104 at 2505 fraser, not sure if I just lucked out but I've seen no sighns of any pests. The apartment building does have 2 parts, one side with only 4 apartments and the other with the vast majority. I live on the side with only 4 suites and like I said been there 7 months and no issues.

The problem is not restricted to the left side, my son and his girlfriend lived on the top floor right side briefly last year and experienced significant bedbug and silverfish infestation.

Bedbugs, cockroaches and mice are only the start of the problems plaguing this building, but I digress...

I'd only planned on staying in Vancouver for 6 months and am so sorry I had to put my girlfriend through living there. Both her and I had been severely bitten by bedbugs during our stay. If there's an option to show pictures, I'd be glad to display them here. Tell the landlord about the problem and he'll not only give little care, but will try to blame you for bringing them (even though t

his very site had reports from before our arrival). Lesson learned, check this site first before moving somewhere new!

I suppose the landlord's business name being "Lots of Profits" should have been my first clue as to the moral standing of the people in charge of this property...

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True about the difference between the left and right buildings. I live in the right building where there are only 4 suites and have never had bed bugs during my 7 months living here. The left building has a lot more suites and more problems with infestations. They have sprayed twice since I've been here so they seem pretty proactive about it. I have seen only one small cockroach. The right building is definitely the one to live in, if you can get one of us to move out, lol.

I lived here for a year on the top floor in the south east corner and had constant problems with bed bugs. Landlord refused to spray and I paid for two separate treatments, neither of which worked as the whole building is infested. Mice and cockroaches were also a continual problem.

We live on the top south east corner of the building. Before moving in the landlord said there were no incidences of bedbugs but that he would spray a few times before we moved in to be sure. I believe that they are spraying improperly, as the last time he sprayed for the tenant before us, the tenant before left his bed with old sheets and all belongings all over the place, not in plastic bags as recommended, nor cleaning bedding in hot water and changing it for after spraying.

a month afte

r moving in we started getting bites and have now seen bedbugs. There are also a lot of cockroaches. If you don\'t like living with bugs that are gross and suck blood, just don\'t move in in the first place! we\'ll be leaving a.s.a.p

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Apartment is divided into two sections - left and right. left half of apartment is severely infested with bedbugs, cockroaches and mice. The landlord sprays occasionally but not often enough and will try to blame the bedbugs on you, he asked if we had them before we moved in. We lived in the basement apartment but heard reports that the upstairs was also very infected.

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