2425 Brunswick St
Vancouver, BC V5T

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I have disputed the posting dated 01/10/2013 from the anoymous poster to the website administrator, as it is a malicious lie. This is slander and defamation and I will be taking legal action for libel. Under current laws, I am entitled to know who this person is that is spreading this malicious lie about me.

the manager Franca is a drug dealer. That speaks volumes to the type of building this is.

January 2,2013 I also live in this building and know that what was posted by Franca is absolutley accurate. As for anonymous's posting, I think that the content rather speaks for itself when someone hides their name behind the term anonymous.

December 31, 2012

I am the manager of this building and can confirm that we have always aggressively treated any pest infestations. There is one posting from an anoynomous person alleging that one of the tenants is a hoarder and is the cause/source of a recent bed bug infestation. This is incorrect information. Every unit in the building was inspected recently and this unit did not have bed bugs or any previous signs of an infestation.

Our building has a monthly service contract with a r

eputable pest control company and they can confirm that we comply with the recommended required treatments for bed bugs and all infestations. Each tenant is responsible for reporting an infestation and we will immediately book a treatment. Bed bugs are not covered under our regular montly service; therefore, tenants units are treated immediately. Tenant cooperation is key to sucessfully emliminating pest infestations.

All of this information can be confirmed by our pest control company at anytime. I have also granted tenants permission to contact our pest control company to discuss our building and our pest control practices.

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There is a tenant living on the ground floor that is a hoarder and because of her, the bedbugs have been infesting the whole building on the north side all the way up 3 floors.

No nearby bug reports