238 E 13th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5T

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8515 83 street Edmonton Alberta has bed bugs.
it is a hard time for all of us. It had started on the first floor last August. The suites were cleaned on need to know bases. Of course this has not worked as we now have bed bugs on the 3 floor
now the are doing suites net to the one that has bugs and the suite above. the owner is doing the best he can to rid the problem. Of course there are a lot us gathering and complaining not enought is being done. We all feel we know how to do it better.but

really we don't I feel. If you are in the same postion I would keep calm, don't fight aganist one another or towards the owner since i am sure he/she not to happy neither.

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Lived here for a few years, without any problems, till late 2008. Landlord had our suite sprayed, and the bugs went away for a few months. In the mean time, we found out that other suites had been treated as well. The bugs came back after a few months, and again the landlord was prompt to get the suite sprayed. This time we convinced him to do the adjacent suite as well, which was just vacated by a very dirty old man with no regard for hygiene. Since then, there have been no sightings... B

ut these little bastards have a way of holding on and hiding out. You can never be sure.

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