222 E 15th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5T

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New building manager! Not crazy! Doesn't enter illegally into suites. Building is now insured with Orkin.

i do not have any bed bugs in my apartment im on the third floor but i did see the orkin truck parked out back and i saw a someone in the building soaking all their cloths in the laundry sink under hot water this past weekend. i do tho have a lot of cabinets and closet doors and shelves in my apartment that are broken and the land lords will not fix no matter how many times i ask. which ive given up on asking as you really dont want to have the land lady in your apartment if you dont have to.

shes very nosey and rude and in general just crazy. im posting since ive seen other people in the building are having the same problems it seems. i will not be renewing my lease.

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My girlfriend and I moved into the apartment about two weeks ago, at first we we were skeptic about the building as it is very old and very dated. However it was apparent that they were working to update the building. Its a very noisy building, the people above us never stop banging around. Then this weekend I woke up and my girlfriend and I were covered in bed bug bites, I called and left a message with the land lord and have not heard back from them yet.

Sept 10th 2011

I have repeadily asked landlords to deal with this and nothing has been done. Total slum lords. Nothing in unit has been fixed after countless asking in both person, phone, email and in writing. Land lady is bat shit crazy. Enters unit without notice all the time, caught her 3 times. Constantly being harassed and illegally been over charged for security deposit and refuses to refund. Great location, probably one of the bes

t you'll find on main street but comes at the cost of the worst living experience you'll find in Vancouver hands down.

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