2111 Main St
Vancouver, BC V5T

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Found bedbugs in this motel. Or, they found me..

I stayed here from the 15th till the 26th this September. I didn't even know what bedbugs were, and when first finding one on my 2nd day at this motel, I took no notice of it. Then on my 4th day I found 4 more on my pillow, crawling in my hair! As around 10 bites showed up in my hairline on the back of my neck a few days later I know what they were fombling around in my hair for.. Me.
Also my entire right arm was bitten badly, counted over 20

bites just around my elbow. And got tons all over the rest of me.
I got a bad bed bug rash from it, some of the bites even turned into small blisters, and I ran to the drugstore to get antihistamines and creams to help me from going nuts cos the itching and burning was so bad I had never gone through something like it before. And I live in a very mosquito infected part of the world, so I'm used to getting bitten alot..

Got a different room in the same hotel, but in the building closest to downtown. Aka not the building the hotel desk is in, and the bugs.. (Yes I do secretly hope these bugs will come bite the one rude clerk that refused to let me switch rooms the first night cos of dirty sheets)
On that note, the other clerks/manager/persons was nice and polite to me and helpful. I hope they deal with this as this could be a nice hotel if they just made sure the rooms are clean and the bugs dead and gone forever.

I got no compensation cos of this tho.
But I didn't ask, was too tired of it all by the time I left for home.

Really pissed off I have to decontaminate my luggage top to bottom to not bring these hellish bugs into my house, not to speak of having them infest Norway. Good thing we got cold winters..

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