145 E 15th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5T

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I live in unit 306 of this apartment and have for the past year. When I moved in in May 2014 I started getting bites right away within the first week. I had no clue what was going on but then I saw that my mattress actually had bed bugs living on it. I knew for a fact that the last place I was in did not have bed bugs, so the bugs were living in the unit when I moved in. I alerted the management. They told me to trust them and that they would deal with it. Later I found out that the past two ten

ants in my unit had moved out because of the bed bug problem, and I was allowed to move in anyways, without them even spraying the unit.. great management hey. Anyways.. fast forward to the summer.. I had had 6 sprays and was still getting bites and seeing bugs... I got aggressive with management and said that they needed to do something because there was no way that the bugs were only in my apartment since they were recurring so fast. They did a building wide search and about half of the units had bedbugs.. basically the whole second and third floor and one on the first (the north side of the building is the major area.. which is where I am). They told me to trust them once again and began spraying again. Fast forward to December... I had almost 15 sprays in my apartment and was still getting bites and seeing bugs. I threatened to take the management to the tenancy board because I couldn't take it anymore. They switched pest control companies, drew a hard line with non compliant tenants and heat treated the north second and third floor units (damaging most of my furniture), they forced hoarders to get rid of their stuff and they sprayed every unit on the second and third floor and the hallways... i kept finding bugs... It has been a year... and I can't even feel comfortable in my own home. People ask me why I didn't just move when I realized that there was a major issue and the reason is because I wanted to help FIX the problem so that they didn't just move someone else into my unit and ruin their lives with bedbugs just like they did mine. I also wanted to eradicate the problem before I moved because I wanted my furniture to be okay to be moved.. not just transfer the problem. The bedbugs have been in this building for over 5 years that I know of with not much done before I threatened to take the negligence of the management to the tenancy board. If you are looking for a great place to live then please do not move into this building. I have lost over $3000 worth (conservative guess) in furniture and belongings and have never felt comfortable in my own home. I am writing this now because I am moving out and i want to inform everyone that unit 306 is a nightmare.

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This building has experienced issues with bed bugs on and off for at least 5 years. Over the past 3 years, at least 2 known tenants (from the third floor) have moved out of the building due to the ongoing problem. Since spring of 2014, several units on the second and third floor have experienced infestation. Units and hallways have been sprayed numerous times to no avail. The bugs keep reappearing.

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