1005 E Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5T
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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Found 2 reports:

Moved into apartment February 9th.

Informed of previous bedbug issues, but told they were under control and spraying had been undertaken.

Woke up this morning (March 16th) to drive the girlfriend to work and caught an adult bedbug on my hip (~6mm long). Killed the SOB. Stripped down my boxspring and mattress, flipped the couch and opened the cushions, picked up boxes not yet unpacked and picked up clothes on the floor. No sign of bedbugs.

Could be just a nomad from another suite, but th

e floorboards have large gaps between one another and need to be sealed.

Now I'm looking on Craigslist to move, but I can't move immediately because I need to ensure that I don't spread the problem.

... and it wasn't even my problem to begin with.

Pretty pissed off, because I have had friends spend the night here and may have given them a bedbug problem.


see full report...

-Moved in Sept 1 2008

-Bed bugs first found October of 2008

-Building manager (finally) sent pest control (second week of November, 2008) after a month of putting it off

-Third week of November bed bugs found again.

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