5233 Joyce St
Vancouver, BC V5R

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This story is an absolute lie put online by Murray Robert Tipping of Burnaby BC. Disregard this blatant libelous statement.

This story is a fabrication made by Murray James Robert Tipping of Burnaby BC. Columbus Towers will be proceeding with legal action against this individual.

Many suites in this seniors building have bedbugs and the management is aware of the problem. The previous managers ignored the problem. The current management has hired one of the tenants to spray but the tenant has no proper training and the situation is getting worse - the guy walks between infected and uninfected suites without changing shoes and he is probably making the problem worse. The owners admit there is a problem but do not want to spend the money to hire professionals and insist t

hat every suite be rented out, even the infested ones which have not been professionally treated. I know someone that moved into the building recently and they were not aware of the problem when they moved in. The bedbugs spread mostly because of the chairs in the lobby and the carpets in the hallways.

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