3595 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC V5R

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Filthy, absolutely digusting building and management!!! Do not move in here, you will regret it for sure! They hassle you with bed bug "dog inspections" every 2 weeks but it's useless. The bed bugs NEVER go away, this old rotting building will always have them. The biggest bed bug is the management itself. The "landlord" is abusive to tenants. I have witnessed her yell and scream at another tenant for literally an hour. She kept knocking on his door and yelling more. She will play the sweet old

lady role when you look at the apartment, but after she quickly shows her true self. They will try to scam you out of any money they can, even on "special bed bug proof" bed sheets which are just regular cheap covers that they try to sell you for $50. Also, when I had a large bed bug infestation, I told them about it and they didn't treat my suite for over 2 months.


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