3489 Ascot Pl
Vancouver, BC V5R

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I lived in 3489 Ascot on the 5th floor for just less than a year in 2010.

The suite was infested with bedbugs...i used sprays..and threw out old furnature and i could not get rid of the bugs.

I was told to hire an exterminator..but the landlord wouldnt pay for it and I do not have enough money to pay for one.

I was in the laundry room and saw a bedbug between the wall and the washing machine. I mentioned this to someone else doing their laundry. This person lived on the 6th floor. She

said that she had bedbugs for 6 months but she got rid of them but she had to pay a lot of money.

I think the bedbugs move from suite to suite. PLEASE DO NOT move in that building. WARNING!

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