3331 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC V5R

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I was looking to rent out this apartment and was stunned at the price. When i asked about pests the landlord and manager of the building were very reluctant to inform me that the last tenants had left the apartment due to a bedbug infestation found in their mattresses since the summer of this year. Since then the first thing to be done was October 9, 2012 which was a small carpet cleaning done by a self carpet cleaner which leaves the old carpets that cover the entire floor of the apartment: wet

, dirty and the bed bugs have not disappeared. There has been no spraying, not even a proper professional carpet cleaning or attempts to clean out the apartment 204 which is said to be the only affected unit in the building.

The place really needs to rip out those horrid carpets, a complete spraying of the building including the unit from the walls to the porch, and a guarantee that if they do infest again that the same procedure will be done.

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