7884 Knight St
Vancouver, BC V5P

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There are still bed bugs. Second floor tenant.

Bedbugs and mice are a common problem of this suite. Renters beware!

I'm searching for a new place as we speak.

Bedbug infestation! I used to live here and it's absolutely appalling how poorly taken care of the building is. I lived on the third floor and I was bitten all over. The place was unprofessionally treated (landlord gave us a bottle of stuff) and so, did nothing to treat the problem. The whole building needs to be treated, not just one suite, as in this building, it seems that once one suite has been treated, the little suckers just migrate to another suite.

And yes, I also had some mice runni

ng about my suite. I could hear them dancing around in the middle of the night.

Another thing: the landlord is ridiculously cheap. There was a plumbing problem and he decided to fix it himself, even though he doesn't have a license. What happened? He started welding the wall and caught both my suite and my neighbour's suite ON FIRE. The fire department had to come and put it out and said that it was a relief that they got there so soon because the building is so old that the insulation would have just burst into flames within a couple minutes of them arriving.

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There has been many incidents of bedbugs in multiple suites in this apartment building. As well, mice have been present in every single suite. Floods, leaks, broken pipes, faulty wiring and heating are also existing problems. Asbestos has been found underneath the kitchen flooring and many suites have mold in the carpet and/or walls.

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