6592 Victoria Dr
Vancouver, BC V5P

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Had bedbugs for sure in October 2007 (maybe before then? But current roomies didn't react to bites so hard to know), paid for the spraying ourselves because we were'nt sure about how we got them and the landlord said to just get a can of raid. We were bug free until Labor day long weekend of 2008, when they came back. We now think they are in the building. The unit next to us (the only other unit our landlord owns) said they never had a problem. Maybe they came in from an adjacent unit? This bui

lding is suites above retail stores, I think they are connected.
We sprayed again and are now moving out. If you move into this building you might be ok for 6 months or so until the pesticide wears off, or maybe they came the second time from the bus or something? It's so hard to know.
Good luck, and I'd avoid this building.

Note: I was the only roommate out of 3 who actually reacted to the bites. My roommates both didn't but had signs in their bed.
Note #2: Aggressive Pest Control of Vancouver was very good. Highly reccommended.

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