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This apartment was sprayed three times. The company used did not provide any information on what to do with our belongings or what needed to be laundered and bagged, etc. The company was also spraying while we were still in the apartment. When I asked why he would do that he said it was safe and he didn't need to be wearing a mask. The last time he sprayed he had told us he would arrive at 10 AM and we should remain away from the house until 2PM. I was home at 2PM only to find out later that nig

ht by course of my roommates that he had not sprayed until at least noon. This is the fault of the company and not the landlord....

Upon leaving the residence there was still a minor infestation of bed bugs. We had lived out of bags for two months and are happy to have left even if it means leaving most of our belongings in the trash. The landlord requested that we remove our bedbug posts. However, I do not know whether there are bed bugs at this residence any longer. He did say that the space was fumigated - I do not know which company provided this service.

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I moved into this apartment 2 weeks ago. The landlord swore over and over that there had never been bed bugs here. He'd never sprayed for them. He'd only sprayed for cockroaches. He said he had bed bugs in the other apartment he owns but not in this one. The people upstairs moved from said apartment.

Suffice to say there are definitely bed bugs. A very bad infestation of them which he then had the nerve to blame on my roommates for bringing in a dirty mattress.

Three days after moving in, I got my first bites. That's when I noticed there were signs of an infestation: bed bug shit all around a crack in the wall. My roommate later found a bedbug in her room. The landlord happened to come by later that day and when she showed it to him, he killed it and got rid of it, saying it couldn't be a bed bud cause there wasn't any blood in it. Later, another roommate moved in to her room which has carpet on the floor and started getting lots and lots of bites ever

y night. We got our first treatment last week, but the company he hired did not look to me very professional. They apparently only sprayed the baseboards, and needless to say, we've gotten bites since.

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