1555 E 6th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5N

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Bedbugs problems solved on 6th avenue, A year ago I had bedbugs and I am in the building since 2005. the RTB ruled against me . they said the bedbugs are tenants responsibility. I was shocked to hear that. Anyway Nacel paid for treatment and he didn't suppose too. The RTb order said I have to pay.
I guess we have our parts on bringing the insects in the building and 6th avenue was full with not very good tenants. Right now there is a manager here which is dealing with all the problems right a w

ay. I don't think there are bedbugs in the building at this point in time, but if you are scared just ask to do a treatment before you move in to give you a pace of mind, because they will do it. Hope will help. Nacel started to invest a lot of money recently by renovating buildings and units. I have a friend which moved in Nacel building on 8th avenue. She is very pleased with the way the buildings look on common areas and her unit is in great conditions, with hardwood flooring and new appliances.
It's worth it to try to talk to the manager to treat your unit before moving in rather to give a way the deposit. If there are more than 5 days since you pay the deposit bye bye deposit.

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re-infested! we were bug free for a whole 2 months. today a dog is coming to inspect ours and the adjacent suites (and the one below), and we're getting re-sprayed (4th treatment in 4 months) in a couple of days. when we took the heater off the wall in the bedroom there was ample evidence of a long term infestation which was there before we were - we've been in our suite 6 months and are pretty sick of the hassle. Time to get rid of furniture and take it to the next level..RTB here we come. Nace

l Properties are unbearably negligent and I wouldn't recommend anyone to rent from them. Individual managers may be doing their best, but in the face of such relentless profit-mongering and systemic neglect, we're all fighting a rising tide of indifference.

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I lived in this building (run by complete slum landlords-nacel properties) from April 2009-Aug 2009. My neighbors had bed bugs and told me that numerous suites in the bldg also did.(I was on the 3rd floor). I never had bedbugs in my suite (that I know of) but I did have cockroaches. In the short 5 months (that felt like 5 yrs) that I lived in this hellhole I vacuumed like a madwoman and sprayed RAID around my suite almost everyday until I moved out. Do not rent here or from any other buildings t

hat are run by Nacel Properties. They will not address bug problems OR any other problems that you may have. Believe me. Look up Nacel Properties on Facebook, you will find a group that can help answer any questions you may have. Also just google this company and you will find your answers. Let me help save you the headache and financial cost that this company will bring you.

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1555 E 6th Ave. 3rd Floor.
March 2nd, 2011

We have bed bugs in our apartment on the third floor of 1555 6th Ave E, in Vancouver, BC, just off Commercial Dr.

We have found dead bedbugs in our bed and have experienced bites.

The management is not dealing with this effectively, tried to blame us for bringing them in (even though we have never experienced bed bugs before) took over a month to book the pest control specialists, and the specialist the brought in was ineffective and never did

a follow up treatment (which I have been told is imperative to catch the next lifecycle).

We have hired a private firm to deal with this and they are more professional, effective, informative and successful, and responded within a day.

We intend on solving this issue in our unit, rather than being irresponsible and moving, and spreading them around. But I would caution anyone moving in to this building.

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1454 E 15th Avenue
As of August 26 landlord informed. One of 8 rooms bedbugs active.
No immediate preventive action forthcoming. Informed "they are not an inssue provided you place your bed on casters and fill the caster plates with a deterent.

Intensive Infestation last year which was treated one month and an half following notification
Treatment last year: comprehensive 2 week interval spraying, all walls filled diacetaceous (sp) earth.

Today (June 3, 2010) I found bed bugs in my apartment on the second floor. I've notified my building manager and am waiting to see what happens by tomorrow morning. Also we did not bring them with us as we have never had them at any house/apartment before. They might be throughout the floor since there's plenty of cracks and holes for them to travel and probably hitched a ride with the cockroaches.

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