1344 E 1st Ave
Vancouver, BC V5N

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I recently went to view a suite for rent at this address. After speaking with a friend about this registry, we found many complaints about the building. I called the landlord to inquire about the bedbugs, and he denied the building ever having them. A lack of honesty about the problem is a little scary for me. Obviously, not moving in.

I had bed bugs here in March 2011 and the landlord had pest control spray. A short while later the bugs were back, so I had it sprayed again. I thought they were gone this time, but a couple of weeks ago I found them again! This time I hired a pest control company that specializes in bed bugs myself so it can get done properly. I am having a follow-up treatment next week. I have spoken to other people in the building and they have them too! Now I can't move until all the bugs are gone or else I'

ll bring them with me! This is ruining my life! The whole building needs to be sprayed because they're everywhere!! If I still have bugs after next week I am going to look into sueing the landlord for not spraying the entire building AND not telling me or others about the bugs before moving in. I never knew about the bed bug registry until I found bugs. I wouldn't recommend moving in this place or any other with bed bugs if you know the place has it. Its not worth this hell!!

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Very responsive landlord. When I picked up an infestation in my suite from somewhere last month, I contacted my landlord right away. They immediately contacted a professional pest control company to have my apartment treated. A follow up treatment was also done a couple weeks later to ensure the problem went away. Based upon my positive experience to a negative problem, I do not know why other people have posted such negative comments about the landlord. Such personal attacks seem unfair and unw

arranted based upon my experience. Perhaps they had other issues and decided to use this forum to vent. Bedbugs is a world-wide problem which did not originate from the landlord. Least we forget that we as tenants unknowingly brought the bugs back to our apartment or had a guest over who may have had them on their clothing. We as tenants also have to be diligent in doing our part in resolving the problem (such as washing all clothes in hot water or getting rid of infested mattresses or buying a mattress cover if recommended by the pest control officer). Otherwise, the problem will just keep coming back. I am happy about how my problem was handled and continue to be a tenant at the building and have been for many years.

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used to live here, the land lord is a slum lord half ass do it your self kinda guy, he would hire cheap labor to do cheap work. saw bed bugs as i was moving out, i would advise anyone not to move in here. sam is a piece of shit.

Been living here for past 2 & a half years. bedroom was sprayed ONCE for bed bugs a year ago when I another apartment in the building had an infestation. My girlfriend moved in about 6 months ago & started getting bit alot. Just found out it was bed bug as her doctor told her it was spider bites, she has moved out. Landlord is having my apartment sprayed twice over the next 2 weeks. Landlord isn't very helpfull & will usually try & fix any problem himself. I asked him to rent me a steam cleaner

so I can attempt to clean my mattress, he told me to rent it myself & he would re-enburce me, I niether have the money or a car to go pick up a steam cleaner. I see this as being his responsability but he is being very unhelpful. This building is very grimey & the owner has no intention of fixing the problems. I am moving out ASAP!!!!!

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have been living in building for 1 year, started getting bit in august '09, landlord has tried to downplay infestation of the builing,( bites have escalated as of mid december 09). have done research, bed bugs have been reported in building over the past 10 years. landlord keeps giving us spray treatment, totally ridiculous situation, unliveable, have moved out and had to throw away all of our belongs!!!! be warned!!!

Been living in apt for 2 years. Pretty gross building. girlfriend gets bitten every time she sleeps here. Threw out a lot of my furniture. Manager gave me a bottle of some gross toxic stuff to eradicate the bugs. They are still here, likely in the walls, likely here for good. I'm moving out at end of August, nobody should move in here.

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