2394 Hermon Dr
Vancouver, BC V5M

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About four summers(2006) ago I started getting bites all over my arms and legs think it was misquotes, until one night I saw my first bed bug. Needless to say I went nuts I reported it to the maintenance who were not shocked because my neighbors downstairs and across the hall has had them for a year and know one warned the rest of us. I think they come from the locker room in the basement and I don't think they inspect down there. I was treated twice with no luck in getting rid of them, so I too

k matters in to my own hands. I bought a very good product made from ground seashells that works great threw out my bed and furniture,cassette tapes, books,got a mattress cover and cleaned like a fiend. I still had them for a year before the bites stopped. Now I am completely paranoid if I travel the hotel room is scanned before my bag is even down and the bag is throughly check and cleaned upon my return and nothing from the locker room comes into my apartment. So far so good.

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Building has had a problem for the last year or so.
a couple of the suites have been treated 13 times

Building has had a problem for the last year or so.

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