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In December I discovered an infestation in my headboard. Our apartment was then fumigated three times in December and January but I continued to be bitten. In late February I saw a bug crawling on my mattress in the broad daylight. Typically if you see a bug at this time this is an indication of an advanced infestation. Our PCO was unable to find a nest in our apartment and he suggested that the bugs are in the walls throughout the building. It is a very old and poorly maintained building and

there are ample places for the bugs to hide. To my knowledge 4 of 6 apartments have been infested since last summer and the landlord has refused to take the problem seriously. Last week someone thoughtlessly and carelessly dragged their horrendously infested mattress down the stairs and dumped it beside the building. It's still there.

We moved out.


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My roommate discovered a bedbug on a towel that was lying on her bed. Upon further investigation, she discovered two small deposits and one significantly larger nest on her upholstered headboard and foot board. There have been two incidences of bedbugs in the building since we moved in earlier this year--one in August, and one in September, both in different units on different floors. The laundry room and common areas were also affected. Our landlord runs a hostel and on these grounds, claims to

be qualified to treat the bedbug issue himself. That he is not, is clearly evidenced by the fact that several months later the problem persists. Whereas we had no prior evidence of bedbugs in our apartment, we now have a rather alarming problem. Furthermore, he has repeatedly refused to pay for a professional extermination service. We are concerned that given the age of the structure, the rather shoddy composition of walls and multiple cracks in the plaster as well as the negligent and generally uncooperative attitude of our landlord, the building may not only have a far more serious bedbug infestation than we originally thought but also that the timely and effective elimination of said infestation will be impossible.

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Our son had the telltale bites of the bedbug after we moved in. We found a couple of live ones and eggs in his bedframe which we threw out along with his mattress. There are cracks and gaps in most of the walls here and it is above a restaurant. We have spread diatomaceous earth in the floor crack by his bed and he has had no bites for the past few days. We are moving out.

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