2333 Oxford St
Vancouver, BC V5L

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i live in apt#217 23333 oxford st my roomate told pat the manager that 216 had bed bugs in there kitchen infested were the ceiling and wall meet almost a year ago we were sprayed 4 months ago dave asked pat if she went and checked 216 for bed bugs she said no now the whole building has them i kill about 70 a day that is why people are saying they have bed bugs

Couple of days ago I went to get dressed in the morning and found a bug on my shirt..I didnt know what it was.that night while in bed i feel something crawl on me.I get up and investegate and find a few bugs crawling on my mattress,I kill them in my fingers and go back to bed.The next morning i look on my pillow and theres all these black spot all over it.I didnt know what they were.but upon further inspection I see a few more bug on my mattress and blanket..I take the mattress and things out to

my balconey and hope that the cool air at night would kill them.By mid afternoon the mattress was covered in bed bugs I had to throw it out along with my pillow and bedding.I gave my notice, moving at the end of the month.

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