229 Lakewood Dr
Vancouver, BC V5L

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I've lived here 3 years. We found one bedbug, but I think it came on library books. Other than that it has been fine.

This place has been fully fumigated and the issue has been fully dealt with. There has been no further issue reported at this location.

Well I just discovered this site so I thought I'd post this. This information is about a year old so it may have changed since then, just fyi.

I lived at this building from Jan 2005 - July 2007. For the first year it was just fine. We actually moved across the hall into a new renovated apartment so we lived in two different suites in the building. The 2nd apartment was just fine... but after a time I started getting bites all over (which was strange because my partner who slept next to me did

n't). It was only about 1 or 2 bites a night for the first while, so I guess the infestation was in its beginning stages. We only found a few bugs at first as well. The state of the building at that point, began to rapidly decline, and for the last 6 months I lived there or so, it got worse and worse and worse. We threw out our futon bed and frame, and kept our clothes in bags. I'm sure we could have been more diligent with DA and all that, but we were new to the whole bed bugs experience.

The building also started, around the same time, a mouse infestation. It was hard for us too because we had birds, who ate seeds, which the birds, despite our best efforts, got seeds everywhere, which the mice loved. We had the place fumigated a few times and had mouse traps placed, but the state got worse and worse. There were rumours of how the whole thing got started, stories about some people letting homeless people stay in the building... not sure how much I believe, but I did learn that the whole building was experiencing the same problems.

I moved out. I'm sure, like I said, there was probably more we could have done, but at the time we felt disgusted by the whole situation and just wanted to GET OUT!

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