2275 Oxford St
Vancouver, BC V5L

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There is one tenant in the building who has spread these pests around our apartment since 2010. Currently, management is trying their best to evict this horribletenant as he does not follow the recommended procedures for bed-bug infestation - not even close!

This tenant participated in an Apartment yard sale - much to my dismay I discovered bed-bug eggs and larvae in a puzzle box he gave to me after not selling it at the yard sale. He gave away a lot of items to unsuspecting neighbours - poo

r souls.

Because of this tenant, I have lived a nightmare since November of 2011. My apt. has been treated twice and I continue to follow the CPC procedures for treatment. (My apt is still upside down) I have since seen these pests in my apartment - what else can I do? I have lost sleep, peace of mind and many material goods which I now have to replace at my own expense. Know that I will be suing this tenant and/or the owners/property management.

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Part 2- One month after reporting the bugs, I have had my place sprayed and it will be done again in 2 weeks. My landlord has done his best to deal with it. This hell was brought by my neighbour who is lazy and not cooperating. Just hope it doesn't come back as I do not want to move.

Almost 2 months ago I notice 1-3 odd bites on my legs back etc. Researched bed bugs and it didn't look like what I saw in photos. It hasn't gotten worse but hasn't ended.
I reported this to the apartment manager over 2 weeks ago when I was more sure as different people react in different ways to bed bugs. He said keep an eye on it ie-collect evidence. It took some time to catch them on sticky paper. I have 5 bugs now. I found one newly hatched on my paper towel roll in my kitchen! Solid pr

oof and showed manager. He said they'd have a company come in with a dog. Nothing has been done. The owners put all renters through hell trying to get a 43% increase last year. We fought & won. I don't trust that they will take care of the problem. I am now sleeping IN A TENT on my 2nd floor balcony.
I told the neighbour in the next apartment. He said "ya I have them too but they don't bother me and I don't want to go through the process of all the laundry and bagging clothes!" I reported this too to the manager. Time to call a lawyer?

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