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we had bedbugs in suite # 312 in the fall of 2006. We may have brought them in through scavenged items or from community centers we went to and worked at (Carnegie center, the Gathering Place). The landlady said there were no other reports in the building.We threw out a lot of stuff and washed stuff, then kept it all in sealed plastic bags. we steamed the carpet over and over again,used diatomaceous earth, cornstarch,and spray we bought from the hardware store. The landlady sprayed the suite her

self as she said a professional company was too expensive.The suites beside and below us were not treated. We were crazy meticulous in constantly cleaning, steaming, washing,vacuuming, and after a few weeks didn't see any more bugs. We ended up moving out anyway.They took out the carpet after we left.I'm hoping it was an isolated case,and didn't spread or come from another suite to begin with(?)We did everything we possibly could, but the landlords didn't call any professional pest control companies to deal with it.It was a total nightmare and I am still paranoid in my new place, examining every little piece of fluff on the floor and inspecting my bed regularly.It cost a lot of money to deal with as well-lost a lot of stuff in the process,and had to take time off work to do all the work required. It was one of the worst times in my life and i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.Thank you for creating this site;just discovered it today!

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