2255 Pandora St
Vancouver, BC V5L

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a friend lives here. we visited over christmas and saw 2 mice stuck on sticky paper mouse traps. they were still alive. he also said he finds bedbugs on his bedframe when he cleans but he doesn't get bitten. guess thats why he hasn't moved.

i will not be visiting him again.

Welcome to hell children!!!! Want to live with bed bugs, cockroaches, mice, drug dealers, junkies and hookers? Then this is the building for you!!! Need I say more?

I only lived at parksview apartments for 5 months. I had no trouble for the first 2 months and then I got some strange bites on my back and shoulders. I talked to the manager and she wanted to fumigate right away. I had the apartment fumigated 3 times but still they were in there. I ended up ditching my place and staying with my boyfriend because I could not handle it and could not sleep there. I moved away from there and the management didn't even reimburse me my damage deposit, despite how muc

h furniture I had to throw away. To hear that this is still happening makes me sad for the innocent victims of this problem (and I am still afraid to live in an apartment after this). The old apartment manager was eventually fired for helping the tenants too much as the people who own the building are money hungry and corrupt.

If you move away from bedbugs I have some advice for you. wash everything and check for bugs before packing, seal your boxes completely with tape. throw out beds, couches, unfinished wood, and anything else they could burrow in. I moved and have been free of the bugs since 2006!

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Sept. 10, 2009

If you have never been to hell and do not want to live in hell stay away from this place. If you are looking to live with bedbugs, mice and cockroaches this is the place. The owner of the building is well aware that there is a huge problem in this building and has been for years. He will offer no assistance and will treat you like you are the one causing the problem when it is brought to his attention. A Slumlord that is an understatement.

Parkview Apartments Inc.
2255 Pandora Street
Vancouver BC

August 2009

Please be aware that there is a huge ongoing problem in this building. I moved in with no knowledge of the infestation in this building even when I asked. Apartments on all levels and at different ends of the building have reported and dropped off bedbugs in plastic bags to the building managers. The pest control company is treating units on a ongoing basis. This is usually done when tenants vacate the unit, often with

in a month of renting. Usually no follow-up treatment is done as is necessary to rid the problem. Daily, beds, furniture and clothing can be found on balconies and in the garbage dumpster. A tenant (young mother with baby) had been moved three times within the building, the first and second unit had bed bugs. I wish her well. The managers state that they need to get the OK from the building owner. I can tell you first hand that co-operation from the owner is almost non existant. You will receive assistance from the City of Vancouver to have the owners comply, if you contact them. Once the city has done what they can and if the problem exist (which in this case it does) and the owner is still not willing to do anything about it the next step is to contact the Residental Tenancy Board. The RTB can book a hearing to resolve the problem. I remember the childs ryhme about bedbugs, believe you me having an infestation of bedbugs is a nightmare. My hopes in reporting this is to give those who read it the choice to rent or not rent housing that is infested. I believe that having to inform all tenants and future tenants of issues in a building and in their unit should be mandatory.

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I have found three bedbugs in the last two weeks

Had the problem but had to lay out the diatomous earth, lavender, and boric acid myself and if other tenants would use these methods it would help alot, the managers could take care of places better where the tenants have no access, the standard pest control they use tend scare them to my more dangerous apartment where I think they lay low, but now I am suspecting some pests like roaches and bed bugs are being moved in to scare off tenants on lower paying leases to charge more even if they get a

worse tenant to replace them.
A manager (Helen) did re-emberse the cost of thwart which worked well. Not sure if she got it back, she was a better manager than current (aside from the second half of it Murray).

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I found bed bugs in my apartment on the ground floor at 2255 Pandora St. The landlord did not tell me when I moved in, nor is he helping out with the situation at all. Bedbugs are just one of many pests in this building. Be wary if you are moving into this apartment. Today is May 22 2009 and I first found them about 2 months ago.

The building manager knew there were bedbugs in the building but did not spray the whole building or notify any of the other tenants. I suffered with many bites before I woke up one night and caught one 'in the act'. I had to look it up on the internet to confirm it was bedbugs before confronting the building manager. Our unit was sprayed twice to no avail. Despite what was obviously a growing problem (the original infestation was on the ground floor), there was no move to spray the whole buil

ding. After being bitten again, we decided to move.

We had to get rid of all the bedroom furniture. No compensation or assistance of any sort was given.

The tenant that moved in after us was also bitten and we heard she moved out after being there for only 2 months.

This happened in the late 2006.

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