2254 Mcgill St
Vancouver, BC V5L

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We've been living here since October 2011 and no sign of bedbugs or otherwise. Nina works really hard to keep this place in order and is responsive to any problems we have. Keep it up!

I am the tenant who now lives in Anonymous' suite (post from 12/23/2010). I've been here three months and see no evidence of bedbugs.

I just heard about this 'problem' but am not really sure where that tenant is coming from. I've been here long enough to see any evidence of the kind of epidemic described in that earlier post.

My experience in this building is that Nina takes great pride in the upkeep of the building and maintaining a familial sense of community here. I have no doubt that i

f a bedbug problem were to arise she would deal with it quickly and effectively. I am very surprised by that anonymous post.

This is one the best-maintained buildings I've ever lived in.

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I am the owner of this building and have not had a single complaint from any of our tenants of bedbugs since the end of 2008. Our monthly pest control contractor continues to check up to 3 units per month and we have found no evidence of bedbugs to date. If we were to get a complaint from any of our tenants we would immediately call in the pest control contractor to investigate and deal with the specific problem and to check adjoining suites.

This building has had an ongoing problem with bedbugs. I moved in an found after a few months I would come home from work and the building, and my apartment would smell of bug poison. Despite breathing poison on a regular basis I still found bedbugs regularly in my apartment and in the hall ways. I had to dispose of essentailly all my possessions when i moved out.

As the owner of this building I would like to reply to the tenant's statement. At the first report of bed bugs in our building, our pest control contractor was called and all units in the vicinity of the affected unit were investigated and those with the bugs, as well as the neighbouring units, were treated. We gave our tenants money for their laundry and purchased a steam cleaner for their use. When a second incident was reported after this treatment, all 35 units in the building were invest

igated by the pest control contractor and those affected were treated. We have responded immediately to each incident and have had only one unit with a repeat complaint of bed bugs. We have a monthly contract for pest control and pay extra for bed bug sprays.

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Our entire apartment building has gotten Bedbugs. They only treated a few apartments. They said it was the ones they found the,m in. We did everything we were told. Washed all of our stuff, 22 garbage bags, packed and moved everything. Pest control came, we lived out of bags for three weeks, the second spray came two weeks later we kept pack for one extra wekk. Now Three weeks later i have woken up biten more then ever. Pest contraol is coming again.

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